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Snake Venom Freeze-dried Powder Other applications

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Agkistrodon agkistrodon secretes a large amount of poison, and active enzymes rich, is a kind of The current research is only limited to thrombin – like research In addition, antitumor effects have also been reported, while other physiological or pharmacological studies have been compared Less; First of all, a. agkistrodon has been used for wind and dehumidification for a long time The pharmacological effect of this drug remains to be studied. Secondly, snake venom used in the current market.

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Anticoagulant and antithrombotic drugs have side effects. These drugs are enzyme preparations and act directly In the human body is bound to cause adverse reactions, at the same time because of the biochemical separation technology bureau Limited, it is difficult to separate the active component from the bleeding component, which needs further research
Investigate; Again, in addition to the active enzymes in snake venom, there are many other activities At present, there are few reports on active peptides in agkistrodon venom
In fact, oral administration of snake venom or snake wine may play a real therapeutic and health care role It's an active peptide.

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