What are the medicinal values of snake venom?

Modern science has used snake venom to defeat their secret weapon. Tests have shown that when snake venom reaches a tumor cell, it can destroy the cell membrane and destroy its reproductive structure, thus achieving the purpose of inhibition. Scientists use the cytotoxin isolated from cobra venom, on the basis of effective animal experimental tumor cells, such as Yoshida sarcoma cells, rat ascites hepatocarcinoma cells, etc., it was first used in clinical practice abroad. It has been proved that cytotoxin can indeed inhibit human cancer cells, but it does not have the ability to recognize the target of attack. Sometimes normal cells in the human body will also be damaged, which is not expected to achieve the effect, but this is an important milestone for the future treatment of cancer.

Snake venom has high medicinal value. Pharmacological studies have proved that snake venom contains pharmacological components such as procoagulant, fibrinolysis, anti-cancer and analgesia. Can prevent and treat the formation of stroke, cerebral thrombosis, but also the treatment of obliterans vasculitis, coronary heart disease, multiple arteritis, acral artery spasm, retinal artery, venous obstruction and other diseases; Snake venom to alleviate the symptoms of terminal cancer patients also have a certain effect, especially the analgesic effect, has caused the attention of the world. Various antivenoms made from snake venom have been widely used in the treatment of various snake bites.

In the late liberation period, some Chinese scientists also did some research on the treatment of cancer by snake venom. Among them, China University of Science and Technology uses the venom of agkistrodon viper produced in the northeast Shedao, and uses the method of acupoint subcutaneous injection to prove that it has a certain effect on gastric cancer. The way of foreign drug use is to use injection treatment.

Post time: Apr-02-2022