• What are the medicinal values of snake venom?

    Modern science has used snake venom to defeat their secret weapon. Tests have shown that when snake venom reaches a tumor cell, it can destroy the cell membrane and destroy its reproductive structure, thus achieving the purpose of inhibition. Scientists use the cytotoxin isolated from cobra venom...
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  • The value of snake venom

    Snake venom is a liquid secreted by poisonous snakes from their poison glands. The main component is toxic protein, accounting for about 90% to 95% of the dry weight. There are about twenty kinds of enzymes and toxins. In addition, it also contains some small peptides, amino acids, carbohydrates,...
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  • Snake venom industry report features

    Environment of snake venom industry: Our environmental analysis mainly includes the development status and trend of relevant industries in foreign countries, sorting out relevant policies and regulations, and the development status of domestic macro economy, etc. Snake venom industry structure: o...
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